The Amateur Weather Observers is a British knitwear brand. The name stems from our values: British makers and sustainably sourced British yarns are at the core of the brand. British people love to talk about the weather; TAWO’s collections seek inspiration from the UK’s erratic climate and diverse landscapes.

Each garment is knitted by hand in the United Kingdom by Laura, the founder, and a team of knitters passionate about rejuvenating the craft.


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3. Man Overboard


Man Overboard / 2021

Maritime weather signal flags were introduced as a means of distributing weather forecasts during the 1800’s. Local post offices, town halls and even civilians would receive forecasts via telegraph and relay the forecast to the town’s citizens by flying flags.

The Man Overboard collection features garments inspired by weather signal flags, including our first one of a kind garment: the Boat on Fire jumper.